Thursday, 9 September 2010

RIP Big Brother

I have been meaning to write this for a long time now, but now it comes to it, I don't know how to put what I feel into words, and I don't quite know what to say.

I have tried many times over the years to write how much I LOVE BIG BROTHER, and have never been able to finish it. one of the many things I wrote was "Reality TV is junk food for the brain. Yea, there is that adaptation from a classic novel on the other channel, which is the mental culinary equivalent of a 5 course meal, but you want some junk. Big Brother however is the best and most interesting of the "reality" tvs. It is the tv equivalent of hugely expensive, high quality "hand cooked from the finest potatoes with the best flavouring ingredients" crisps that come in a thick packet which gives an aurally pleasing rattle, whereas the rest are nearer those 10p corn and bits of husk "cheeze" flavour puff things. which are so full of artificial colours you probably come out in a rash after eating them..." and that was about as far as I got. I exhausted myself thinking of the junk food analogy!

I have watched Big Brother since series 2. I'll always regret not watching series 1 and CBB1. I judged it as shallow without even watching it, and I am ashamed to say that now. When I started college and people said they watched BB1 I actually thought "Oh, how common". I judged the show in the same way cynical media sorts judge it now. Every year when, a few weeks before the start, the eye flashes up during the adverts, and I start to get excited about its return, those 3 words come back to haunt me! Every year I used to tell myself "I'm not going to bother watching (as much) this year", and every year I get completely hooked. BB7 I decided not to kid myself that I wasn't going to watch, and save time by getting completely addicted straight away!

I LOVE BIG BROTHER. More than I ever thought possible to love any tv show! but, disappointingly, not for the "shallow fame hungry people" side of it. I've realised I nerdily watch it for the analysing and psychology angle, then for the gossipy bitchy side! Yes I'm a nerd! I'll happily admit that! I learned so much from the 2 psychology series (“Big Brother's Big Brain” and “Big Brother On The Couch”) that ran with it a few series back. I didn't realise I liked psychology before then!

People are SO RUDE about the programme. They claim it's not real and just cast with people who want to be famous for the sake of being famous, and the people watching it are idiots who are entertained by ANYTHING. That isn't true. (and if it was, what is the harm with that???) They are the same people who BELIEVE soaps reflect real life!! Soaps aren't real, but if you're mean about them, folks act like you've killed a puppy in front of them! Soaps are merely a group of people saying someone else's words, feeling someone else's feelings, and reacting how someone else has told them how to react. There is nothing real about that whatsoever! Yes, the BB set-up is fake, and sometimes house mates are told what to do, say, dress, etc. in tasks, but in quiet moments, Big Brother is beautiful. Different people from different cultures, classes, and walks of life, living and communicating, in a way that, well isn't found in "real life", but letting their REAL thoughts and feelings show. These precious moments tell us no one is better than anyone else, the well educated are no smarter than the poorly educated, they just know different things.
Because to a certain degree, they HAVE to get along, people who would normally hate each other, find a common ground. I love how there is a whole world of relationships in the house, and the most unlikely friendships and love pairings are created. I love how you go from loving some people at the start to intensely disliking them by the time they leave, and vice versa. You see beautiful sides of people you would normally dislike or judge, you see ugly sides of the types of people you would normally ally yourself with.
You see regional and cultural differences and similarities and realise they don't matter! the PERSON inside is the most important factor. I have learnt a lot about people that in real life I would avoid like the fcking plague, that underneath their horrible public persona they're actually really nice people... or at least bearable! I have learned to love some very strange, or just plain weird people who turn out to be lovely.
Because you're "stuck with them for 3 months", you force yourself to get to know them. And that can only ever be a good thing!

Who would ever have thought a quiet, pretty glamour model, who loads of people called "Plastic" and "Fake" would be so sweet and have such acid wit?? or a gobby wind-up merchant could have such a gentle and kind side?? or a whiny tantrum throwing "brat" could be so charming and loving?? or that "The beautiful people", the gorgeous gorgeous ("fake") people with amazing figures have worse emotional issues than us ordinaries?? (and THAT'S why they spend so much time making themselves look perfect). If we hadn't been "forced" to spend our summer with them, NO ONE would have thought it!!
When filled with people like this, Big Brother is an asset, yes an ASSET, to society. For those viewers who take it on board and grow and become a better, more understanding, compassionate person from it, it's the greatest programme ever!

I have never watched Big Brother for the "hot guys", although I could see some of them were nice to look at Stuart BB9 was the FIRST (straight) house mate I thought was good looking! He's a nice guy, but I decided he's only eye candy. I have fancied only ONE hm... and Big Brother saved him until last!

It's compulsively watchable, like eaves dropping bus stop conversations.

For me Summer is Big Bro, and Big Bro is Summer!
So long old friend, gonna miss you!

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