Monday, 13 September 2010

Beach Huts.

I always had a romanticised idea about beach huts. I thought they were quite small and directly on the beach. 
THEN looking at Whitstable I spotted THESE, all piled up in rows, some sooooo far from the beach!, a beach hut metropolis! WTF?

I love the YoVille app, and wanted a beach house when they were released earlier this year, but didn't want to part with the £4 or so needed to buy the yocash to buy the house. so I converted a 5000 yocoins trailer into it. 

I was very proud of my "Beach hut", but not 100% happy, cos in my mind it didn't look ANYTHING like a beach hut. 
or did it??!?!?!! :-) 

I also have one on my myspace YV account too :-) 

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