Saturday, 28 August 2010

Charity Shop Acquisitions pt1

Tell him you love him by knitting him a horrendous balaclava, half glove and scarf combo!

My mum found this 3 page knitting pattern in a charity shop and was in hysterics by the time she showed me.
This is NOT your run of the mill knitting pattern photo.

WHY does the young guy have a shepherd's crook?? Is he a shepherd? (would make sense, being dressed in wool, and all!)
What is he pointing at? and why aren't we seeing that instead?? (can never be as interesting as the woollies though!)
Why is his jacket a little grubby, too??
Why is the older man got his hand on the young man's shoulder?
What is he saying to him? (“Think of the money?” “Smile, it'll all be over soon” perhaps) and does he have to have such long (and uneven – sorry, it's really distressing me!) tassels on his scarf??

So many unanswerable questions!
Bless them. Even they know how awful this looks. I would love to see the same photo WITHOUT the knitted horror of it all.

(Charity Shop Acquisitions Facebook group )

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